Let's transform your brand into the unfailing and irreplaceable ally that everyone recommends.

Let's transform your brand into the unfailing and irreplaceable ally that everyone recommends.

Who am I and what do I do ?

I am Dax Yves and I am a Brand Designer. I help small business owners who convey little credibility to transform their brands into remarkable and distinctive brands by building a verbal and visual identity that perfectly matches their essence in order to grow their business.

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Have a look at what I am able to do.


Peep is an up and coming eyewear brand in Brighton, UK. Their slogan is "Sunglasses your way", which evokes a feeling a sefl expression and customisation.


A non-for-profit charity in London that works with teenagers and young adults who are either homeless, waiting for accomodation, or looking for support to move away from a life of crime or abuse.

Tenchi Aikido

Tenchi Aikido is an Aikido clubs association based in Antananarivo, Madagascar, offering Aikido classes for children, young people and adutls of all ages.

Names that I have given to some businesses :


Vegetarian soft drinks manufacturer and distributor.


A cloud-based software company for playing video games.


A french fries restaurant with sens of humour and likes fun things.

Life of Leaves

It is a company that sells plants and flowers.


It is a company that offers shopping and home delivery services.


DeGam provides gaming computer and components.

I don't just care about the aesthetics of your brand.

I'll also make your customers trust and love your brand.

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Your steps towards a noticeable brand :

Schedule a call with me.

Tell me about your project and I will contact you to arrange a meeting to discuss about the project.

Pay a down payment.

As no project starts without an upfront payment, you may pay before wecan start collaborating.

We'll transform your brand.

We will create the right solution to make your brand stand out and to grow your business.

Our path to the right solution :

Doing a discovery session

to understand the conditions in which the brand will live and provide the right solution.

Establishing a guideline

to maintain a consistent visual and verbal identity across all touchpoints.

Creating a suitable solution

which can differentiate your brand, attract leads, and retain existing customers.

It's time to transform your brand. Make it happen !

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